Myranda’s Great Auntie

Myranda’s Great Auntie gave her this sweet floral band when she was just 12 or 13 years of age. It’s been much too small for her to wear until now! She came to the studio and chose a stone from my collection. I cut open the band, tucked her little pebble in there and, […]

Jaqueline & Alex…and Gail, and Rick


I try to be respectful & hold off on posting engagement projects until I know my client has popped the question, and sometimes in the process of waiting, I forget all about the project! I made this ring over a year ago and got word that, just recently, Jacqueline said “yes!” to Alex! Congratulations […]

Mark & Dani’s Anniversary

Custom anniversary pendant for Dani & Mark using their heirloom diamond & a very special pale green beach pebble. In a blog post from 2012 you can see the engagement ring that I made for them using a similar, two-tone green beach stone & heirloom sapphires. It’s such a joy to work on a […]

The Fair

September. Here we are again!

My favorite show, The Common Ground Country Fair, is right around the corner. I’ve displayed my beach stone jewelry every year since 2002 and it continues to be my best show. Of course, the money part is great, but there is SO MUCH that I love about the event. Come […]

Sneaky Buzz

I was recently reminded of this delicate little set! Two years ago, I was commissioned to make these for my bff Ellen by her sweet man, Buzz. ❤ Sneaky fellow sent a quartz beach pebble that they had found on a walk together. It was roughly the size of an Oreo cookie which I […]

New Possibilities for Susan A.

Some projects are extra special. Susan A. came to me with a collection of precious family jewelry that held so much meaning for her, but it just wasn’t her style. She shared that her life was in a bit of an unexpected transition and this re-designed ring stack would serve as a powerful symbol […]

Jo’s Update

Family diamond redesign for the sassy, inspiring and kind-hearted Jo. She drove all the way up from Rochester, NY to see me! I’m very lucky to have the clients that I do.

Sterling, 18K gold, beach pebble & diamond.


Emma & Jake

Emma & Jake’s pebbles set in 18k gold on a silver band. I love this little collection of stones they gathered from some of their favorite places!

Grandma’s Diamonds

A stack of three rings for my dear friend Moe N. Re-purposing her grandmother’s diamonds with tiny beach pebbles in 18k white & yellow gold. ❤

Custom Cut Beach Stone Ring

Custom ring for Kim M. I hand cut her beautiful stone material in to this chunky cabochon and set it in 18k gold & sterling silver.