September. Here we are again!

My favorite show, The Common Ground Country Fair, is right around the corner. I’ve displayed my beach stone jewelry every year since 2002 and it continues to be my best show. Of course, the money part is great, but there is SO MUCH that I love about the event. Come the end of August, I start to feel a giddy anticipation of the show.

The energy on the fairgrounds is roiling with possibilities.

It is an optimistic place.

Though there are a million things, with infinite moving parts, going on at the fair, everyone seems to be working toward common purpose.

When I’m there, I feel like I’m with my “tribe”.


If you haven’t made it to the fair, I recommend that you check it out. Besides the extraordinary offerings of fine crafts & Maine made products, you will see a great variety of beautiful animals. My personal favorite is the Bunny Barn, but you’ll also see the Poultry Barn, llamas, sheep & goats, oxen, draft horses and, the beloved Australian Sheep Dog performance. Those dogs know how to get the job done!

You’ll see prize heirloom tomatoes & giant pumpkins. You will see gorgeous Maine Indian basketry, traditional folk arts demonstrations by the Maine Stone Cutter’s Guild, and another group that processes a log into lumber and then builds a timber frame home out of it over the weekend! There is a farmer’s market, an herb tent promoting healing & healthy living. There is a fiber marketplace where the Wednesday Spinners do demonstrations & you can purchase fine yarns & materials for your own cozy projects. There is an array of lectures discussing environmental concerns, sustainable agriculture, social and political action, social equality and, another favorite, peace & justice! How about that? Then, there is the entertainment! Live music & Contra Dancing…and the list goes on!

My only regret is that I have never attended the fair as a spectator. I can only grab a glimpse of these wonderful things during my brief breaks from the booth. Maybe one year I can experience it like a normal person. A girl can dream! What’s your favorite part of the fair? Visit me at booth #58 on the corner of the smaller craft tent & fill me in!