It’s taken me a while to warm up to all these new social networking tools, but I’m feeling inspired. I’ve had a hard time figuring out where I fit in to it and what I might be able to contribute or share. That’s what it’s all about really, sharing, not shameless self promotion. That’s how my posts always seem to make me feel. Shameless! I like making jewelry and running my own business, but that’s not what I really want to share.
Maybe sometimes.
I do a lot of special orders for people using stones that they’ve collected in a special place or using old family jewels that they want to recycle. Those projects are really fun, because they get my wheels turning in a different direction. Often times the finished product is like nothing I would have ever made on my own. It’s a very cool experience to be able to turn their design ideas into reality using materials that I wouldn’t necessarily choose myself……..It makes me think of a show that I saw recently on the food network. The contestants each get a basket full of weird ingredients like, squid, Vegemite & gummy bears. Then they have to create something delicious!!! It can be challenging, but it’s fun! So, I may post pictures of those custom projects here, but there are other things that get me excited.

I REALLY like rocks. That’s probably pretty obvious considering what I do with my jewelry, but I’m talking about rock formations. Geological formations in the natural world. That stuff has always made me crazy! I worked in a shop in Boston for quite a few years selling fossil & mineral specimens and I loved it!

I also like plants. I especially love plants with giant leaves. Something about giant leaves fascinates me and I’m compelled to photograph them. I have 40 or so house plants in my apartment! I also tend a vegetable garden & have several flower beds as well. I started a flower garden so that I’d always have fresh flowers for my craft show displays. It’s always a nice touch at the shows.

Bark! Bark is another thing that makes me crazy! I have lots of photos of bark.

So, you’ll start seeing some action here other than my newsletter announcements…..odd projects, interesting stones, monster plants……..we’ll see! Below is a Ventifact ring. The client is a scientist who collected this stone and had me make the ring for his wife. A Ventifact is a rock or pebble that has been shaped, polished, or faceted by wind-driven sand. I had never seen one. It was really cool!

The next picture is of a beautiful Shiso plant in our garden last year. Though it’s not particularly large, I love the texture! Its fragrant and flavorful leaves are sometimes used in sushi, but Craig incorporated it into an amazing gin cocktail as I recall. Yum!

The last picture is a favorite spot of mine. What a perfect moment that was… I’m inspired to try to get back there this week…….