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Andrea L.

"I am not a jewelry person, but I am a beach rock person. When I found out that Jennifer could turn one of my treasured stones into this stunning ring - and that it could stand up to my very outdoor/active lifestyle - I was psyched! I absolutely love this ring and the connection it gives me with a favorite beach in Maine."

— Andrea L.


"My wonderful dad was the first man in the U.S. to grow mussels starting back in the 1970s. He died in ‘02 and several years later, unbeknownst to me, my dear husband approached Jennifer about a custom-made mussel necklace. Jennifer reportedly said she’d never worked with shell but she’d give it a try. She and her partner walked the beach to find the perfect one and then she designed the necklace around it. When I opened the box on Christmas, I burst into (happy) tears. I receive a lot of admiring comments whenever I wear this most simple and elegant necklace. It was conceived, designed, made, and given with love and means so much to me - thank you Jennifer and Brian!"
— Felicity and Brian


"My husband became rather obsessed with having a pair of cufflinks for himself after purchasing one of Jen’s bracelets for me. We live on the ocean and I thought it would be especially nice if the stones for his cufflinks came from our rocky beach. Jen loved the idea and was excitedly up for a challenge. One week before Christmas, she and I trudged through thigh deep snow and slid down an icy set of stairs to our beach in search of the perfect stones. We laughed as we clambered over huge slippery rocks and tried to keep dry from the incoming tide. To find the perfect stones... we did, and several days later she had the cufflinks finished, wrapped and ready to put under the Christmas tree. They are my husband’s lucky links."

—Paula and Bill


"Before the birth of our daughter, I wanted to give my wife something significant that would represent this very special moment in our lives in which our couple would become three. I went to Jen at the last moment and asked her to make a ring with three stones for my wife. We shared ideas and talked about what I wanted to convey with the commission and then, she put her artistry to work.  The result was not only beautiful but also managed to represent perfectly the many feelings that this life change embodied for us both. My wife was thrilled!"

—Sandrine, Jason, & Lucy