About the Artist

about the artist

Jennifer Nielsen Hand-Crafted Jewelry,
Custom jewelry made in accord with your values.

Our jewelry is meant to be worn by people who value “handmade” and the many things that it stands for. We believe in the power of consumers to choose wisely and affect change through their choices. We believe in promoting socially responsible business practices that respect human beings and the environment, and do our best to support other craftspeople and organizations who share these beliefs.

Environmentally Responsible Materials & Sourcing

Responsible beach pebble harvesting is of the utmost importance, and specific permission has been granted to Jennifer for limited collecting on private beaches. We believe an integral part of the pebble harvesting process includes collecting any litter seen during each visit. Stewardship of these special places is part of the job and it’s taken very seriously.

The metals and stones surrounding each beach pebble are chosen just as carefully. We only work with suppliers who exhibit complete transparency and provide the most responsibly sourced materials possible. The resources we use include:

•         Recycled gold, silver, palladium & platinum

•         Ethically sourced diamonds, re-purposed heirloom jewelry

•         Eco-friendly refining

•         Recycled & recyclable packaging

•         Eco-friendly print materials

Socially Inclusive Beliefs

Our studio strongly supports the right of every individual to live a safe, happy life free from discrimination. We especially support the freedom to marry and believe that the rightness of that freedom, and the obvious benefits to society, render further discussion unnecessary.

We are also artists supporting artists. When necessary, certain jewelry techniques are completed by a carefully chosen community of specialized craftspeople. The choice to base the business in an artist collective reduces our impact on the environment and supports our vision by sharing precious resources and bolstering our community.