About the Artist


For a craftsperson practicing a skilled art, satisfaction has two parts: the joy of creation, and the contentment that comes from knowing the work has been appreciated. Jennifer is fortunate to experience both.


“I have to tell you how very spectacular the jewelry my friend bought for his wife was, it looked even more beautiful being worn. So elegant and simply stated, the perfect combination of The Universe’s handwork combined with human creativity.”

—Barbara H.


“Thank you ever so much for the magnificent positive energy you put forth in creating my necklace, it’s quite simply the most wonderful piece I own.”

—Barb H.


“My ring arrived yesterday and we are just delighted with it. It’s a perfect fit and the kind of ring I wanted – not too wedding-y, but symbolic.”

—Esther W.


“I love the stone and pearl necklace I bought. I think it will bring me good luck. I take my written and oral PhD exams in January. I will wear your jewelry.”

—Therese T.


“I am looking forward to wearing your art work. Your jewelry made an impression on me. I’m glad my search for a wedding necklace is over.”

—Mary F.